in no particular order …

Material World blog (Daniel Miller)

Online Journalism Blog

Culture Mulcher

Literary Minded

Spike (the Meanjin blog)

Christopher Madden’s

SBS Films blog

The Fractured Atlas blog

Alex Burns

Barry Saunders

Public Knowledge‘s Policy Blog

The Australia Council’s Research Hub blog

Life Without Buildings (the architecture blog, not the awesome Glaswegian band)

Megan McCardle

Keith Stuart’s Guardian gaming blog

Margaret Simons’ The Content Makers

Neiman Journalism Labs

Paul Romer’s Charter Cities

Noises Off (the Guardian’s theatre blogs aggregator)

Illicit Cultural Property

Creative Economy (ARC Centre for Creative Industries)


Marcus Westbury

Lousie Stevens

Larvtaus Prodeo

Electric Alphabet

The Googlization of Everything

Michael Geist

Boing Boing

Marginal Revolution


Seth Godin

Rachel Hills

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