This blog started off as a learning exercise for my PhD in cultural policy at Western Sydney University’s Institute for Culture and Society. I’ve gradually expanded it to give a wider focus on the fields of cultural policy, cultural economics, cultural studies, the sociology of the arts, aesthetics, media studies and the philosophy of art.

I’m now a Lecturer in Entertainment Production and Screen at Deakin University’s School of Communication and Creative Arts. I also write about Australian politics, culture and the arts for a range of publications including the Guardian, Crikey and Arts Hub.

I’m aiming to post on a variety of topics, drawing from both the specialist academic literature, journals of letters and review, the popular media and my own writing and research.

I welcome comments! Please feel free to get involved, to debate, engage and discuss.


Photograph: Amelia Dowd

About Ben Eltham: I’m a writer, journalist, researcher and creative producer from Melbourne, Australia. I have recently completed my PhD in cultural policy at Western Sydney University’s Institute for Culture and Society. Throughout my 20s and 30s I worked as  a freelance arts journalist and critic, as well as a producer and festival director at a series of experimental and fringe arts festivals in Newcastle, Brisbane and Melbourne. I am currently a Fellow of the Centre for Policy Development and I am a Lecturer at Deakin University’s School of Communication and Creative Arts.

You can contact me at:

ben [dot] eltham [at] gmail.com

I tweet at @beneltham

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  1. Hey, Ben, is there any way to get an RSS feed on your blog, or email announcement of new posts? — Elaine

  2. Eh! I was surfing the net looking for some stuff on policy, and look whose blog I ended up at! Nice stuff. You have provided me with a good 30 minutes of entertaining reading…I will now avoid a Facebook style posting here. Catch you soon. R

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