Vadim Lavrusik on the future of social media in journalism

1stVideo is a video editing app for the iPhone. Analysts such as Alfred Hermida think it may become an important platform for mobile video reporting.

At Mashable, Vadim Lavrusik has a thoughtful and informative piece on future trends in social media and journalism. He runs through many of the trends many of you will already know about, but he also has some interesting insights of his own and collects a bunch of very worthwhile links. Lavrusik begins by pointing out that:

The future journalist will be more embedded with the community than ever, and news outlets will build their newsrooms to focus on utilizing the community and enabling its members to be enrolled as correspondents. Bloggers will no longer be just bloggers, but be relied upon as more credible sources.

Other trends Lavrusik notes include collaborative reporting (with links to Jay Rosen and David Clinch), journalists as community managers, reporting on social media as a recognised beat, online curation for a time-poor audience, the growth of roles such as social media editors, the rise of branded aggregations of blogs, and the importance of mobile technologies like Twitter for reporting.


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