The EU’s new Green Paper on the cultural and creative industries

The boffins at the European Union have released a new Green Paper on the “cultural and creative industires”. Entitled Unlocking the potential of cultural and creative industries, the paper is an important clue as to the future development of cultural policy in Europe.

While I won’t summarise the entire paper here, it’s certainly worthwhile reading for the cultural policy w0nk. For instance, the paper estimates that the creative and cultural industries make up something like 2.6% of Euro-zone GDP. It also thinks  that digitalisation is the biggest ongoing trend in the sector, and that small-to-medium enterprises are vital to its health and growth:

Even in sectors where major international companies play a leading role, small and micro-enterprises play a crucial role in creativity and innovation. They are typically the risk takers and early adopters and play decisive roles when it comes to scouting for new talents, developing new trends and designing new aesthetics.
A diverse range of entrepreneurs and the free movement of their services is a prerequisite for a culturally diverse offer to consumers. This is possible only if fair access to the market is guaranteed. Creating and maintaining the level playing field which ensures that there are no unjustified barriers to entry will require combined efforts in different policy fields, especially competition policy.
There’s plenty more in the Green Paper; various industry and media reactions can be found here, here and here.

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