Australian Government announces it will develop a new cultural policy

I’ve been meaning to blog this for a few days, but have been prevented from mentioning it until today owing to a bout of the flu.

From Australia’s Arts Minister, Peter Garrett, comes this website:

A message from Arts Minister Peter Garrett – National Cultural Policy, a national dialogue.

Welcome to the National Cultural Policy web forum which will allow all Australians to contribute to the development of a national cultural policy.

This forum gives you an opportunity to help shape Australia’s cultural future. All your ideas are welcome – whether you are talking about cultural issues in your region or a grand vision.  In my speech to the National Press Clubon 27 October I identified 3 key themes for consideration:

1. Keeping culture strong;

2. Engaging the community; and,

3. Powering the young.

These key points, along with other ideas, are expanded on more fully in the discussion framework. This is not an exhaustive list however, so use the National Cultural Policy web forum to tell us what you think. With your help, the Australian government will create a policy which celebrates and strengthens our culture.

Garrett made a speech to the National Press Club last week announcing this new cultural policy. You can make submissions here.


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