More on the future of the book

In today’s Australian newspaper, Susan Hayes from the Literature Board of the Australia Council for the Arts weighs on Bob Stein’s visit and the future of digital publishing. I don’t think she’s totally across it, but then again, who is? It’s good to see the Australia Council is at last taking an interest in digital artforms:

When US digital guru Bob Stein and I sat down at the Melbourne Writers Festival last month to discuss the future of the book, we were searching for common ground. Bob is one of those guys who calls books user-driven media. I’m one of those women of a certain age who belongs to a book club and can’t get on a plane without at least one novel in my hand luggage.

Nevertheless, while Bob and I may disagree about the sanctity of an author’s work and certain aspects of copyright, we were certainly on the same page in acknowledging that the paper book, as we know it, will gradually disappear from our shelves over the next 10 years.

I welcome the day when I can ditch that heavy book and download a dozen titles on to my lightweight e-reader before I fasten my seatbelt.

The full article is here.


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