Making Solid Ground: key organisation funding for the Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Board

Sandra Fields at Fieldworx has just completed Making Solid Ground, an extensive consultation report into the Key Organisations funded by the Australia Council’s Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Arts Board.

The report is the result of a large consultation and advances some concrete recommendations which appear to have emerged from a solid discussion base with the sector. A key theme appears to be the understanding that the ATSIAB is in some respects already much more than a funding board – and that it needs to evolve further in this direction, incorporating aspects of advice, networking and advocacy. However,  that would appear to be far beyond its current capabilities given its funding.

There’s plenty of food for thought here. I quote from section five, which states:

Information from the consultation workshops has been categorised into ten platforms
needed to support a sustainable approach to Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander arts
and culture. These have been specifically developed from the information generated on
the Making Solid Ground Quilt. The ten platforms are:
1. Improved investment in people
2. Practicing culture and passing knowledge
3. Intellectual property rights and protocols
4. Physical spaces for connection
5. Celebration, recognition and identity
6. Supporting the regions
7. Artistic and cultural vibrancy
8. Access to funding and resources
9. Infrastructure for all arts
10. Networked infrastructure


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