Big challenges ahead for the major performing arts companies

The Australia Council has released its latest consultancy about the MPO’s. It’s a slightly shallow report full of catch-phrases from internaionally renowned consultancy AEA Consulting (home of some heavy-hitters in the British sector) entitled “Anticipating Change in the Major Performing Arts.”

It’s certainly good that the MPOs are anticipating change in their future – but I’m not sure how prepared they are. Indeed, some sections of the report reveal that some of the organisations are far from the kind of financial health that the Nugent Inquiry was meant to “secure.”

Interestingly, the report contains a sprinkling of statistics on new works, which may be useful for my thesis. It also confirms, anecdotally at least, the operation of Baumol’s cost disease in this sector of the Australian performing arts.

The fuil report is available here.


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