Marcus Westbury’s 2020 agenda: cultural micro-economic reform

The beneficiary of a late call-up for the 2020 Summit, my friend and colleague Marcus Westbury has been discussing what ideas about cultural policy might be worth bringing to the “Towards a creative Australia” group.

The discussion taking place on his blog is notable not only for the sophistication of many of the comments but also for Marcus’ timely ideas for cultural policy reform:

Half a century on from the Whitlam era few Australians would be convinced that a 2020 cultural vision focusing on innovation and initiative will be found in shovelling bigger buckets of money at conservative major institutions. Expecting it to trickle down through the layers of management to actual risk taking artists is naive at best.

Many of the comments posted here over the last few days either explicitly or implicitly acknowledge this. While many argue directly for a more diverse, competitive and dynamic funding environment the aim is less for grand, centralised and expensive top down public programs than for attention to the impediments and practical barriers that make it hard for creators to create, to find audiences, to take risks and to innovate.

The amazing lack of a single representative of the game design or interactive digital media industries at this panel has also been taken up at Fairfax’s Screenplay blog by Jason Hill.

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